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    I'm Peter

    Software Engineer with 10 years industry experience, focusing on embedded platforms. Currently based in London, United Kingdom.


Tell me more about yourself

I have been writing software since 2004, originally in web development. When undertaking my bachelors degree in Computer Science, my focus was on data structures, algorithms and telematics.

My industry experience focuses on embedded software engineering roles. My responsibilities over the years have included firmware development, supporting hardware/RF engineers, automated test equipment (ATE) and industrial systems. My aim is to delivers solutions rather than concentrating on a particular technology or language.

My final year project for university was a prototype wearable device for care home patients with dementia. It used low power radio and a PIC microcontroller to alert carers when a patient leaves the proximity of their home. The system was written in a mixture of C (firmware) and C# (base station) and was featured in the university technology degree show.

I am currently employed as Lead Engineer by an organisation which operates in the remote condition monitoring space.

Bare-metal firmware development

Embedded Linux

Backend systems and database design

Desktop development

Internet of Things (IoT)

Cloud computing

Wireless technologies

Mobile app development

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